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Who We Are

Josh grew up in Portland, Oregon surrounded by incredible coffee enthusiasts roasting some of the best coffee in the country. It was there that he found the love for single origin beans and coming to understand that there is an incredible variety that exists in the beans, if roasted properly. It's his mission to explore the planet to see what each region has to offer and to share that with others.

Paul started out thinking that drinking bitter, black coffee was a rite of passage.  He eventually grew accustomed to the taste and left it at that.  It wasn't until he moved to Portland, Oregon that he realized that black coffee could be so much more than bitter.  He dove into speciality coffee head first and now is the head roaster for Paperboy Roasting.  His mission is to make sure that his customers will always have access to flavorful coffee and never have to go through his experience ever again.

... having our own coffee company was the dream. We're here to make it happen and do it right.

In other words, the love of coffee is strong and we'd like to share it with you!

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