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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know

Can I enjoy my freshly roasted coffee right away?

Yes and no.  While freshly roasted coffee can be used right away, coffee beans are still degassing CO2 which may mask the flavors we roast for.

We find that a period of 4-7 days allows for the beans to degas fully so that you can taste all there is to enjoy. We try to time our shipping so that your beans arrive right at the end of the degassing period.

That said, you may notice how the flavors open up over the first few days. It's a fun experience to see how the flavors progressively express themselves!

If you have to have it right away, we recommend grinding your coffee one hour before use to allow time for the CO2 to escape the coffee.

What's the best way to store coffee?

Roasting coffee traps CO2 in the bean which needs to degas over time. But, leaving them exposed to air could cause them to go stale.

The best thing to do is to put them in a container that allows air OUT, but not in. We ship our coffee in bags that do exactly this. As long as you close the bag as tightly as possible each time you open it, the bags alone should work for you.

Because we roast our coffee to a medium roast level, our coffee beans keep their flavor for as long as 6 weeks. You can also use another canister to store your beans.

Paul personally uses a combination of the Fellow Atmos and our own dosing station because he likes looking at how much coffee he has left.

Josh uses an Airscape coffee canister by Planetary Design with the dosing station.

Why do you only roast to medium and not darker or lighter?

We like to think of it as steak.  You can enjoy steak as rare or as done as you like.  But in general, people like their steak with a little bit of rare meat with a nice sear on the outside.

Coffee beans are no different.  Too light, and you miss out on the nice flavors that the sear brings (Malliard reaction) but too dark and you burn out all the flavor.

Is your coffee organic? Fair Trade? Sustainably harvested?


We source from small farms around the world, giving preference to growers who work their own trees. Sometimes even from tiny collectives in neighborhoods where a family will have a few trees growing in their backyard. These are the people you are supporting!

That being said, due to the small scale nature of some of these growers, they have no way of applying and getting certified. But it doesn't get more organic/fair/sustainable than that! We like knowing the fact that we are supporting these small families from around the world!

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