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Event Coffee Catering

Plant to cup, we are about honoring the unique nature of coffee.  We would like to link you to all the people who helped plant, grow, pick, process and roast (that's us!) these carefully selected beans for your special day.

Whether it be a deliciously simple espresso or a maple foam iced cold brew, we'll supply all your caffeinated needs to keep the party going!

To inquire about your event, send us an an email at

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When should I book?  As soon as is reasonable.  We'd like to have time to give you our best. But even if it's short notice, feel free to contact us. We've been know to make it happen!

Do you require a deposit? A deposit is required for events larger than 200 guests.

What's your cancellation policy? Written cancellation notice is required two weeks before the event.

Is your pricing all-inclusive? Yes!  We'll provide the coffee, milk, cups, cream, sugar, and stir sticks.  You just enjoy yourself.

How does your pricing work? It's dependent out guest count, where your event is, and how many hours you would like us there.

Do you have power requirements? We need one 20-amp dedicated circuit (standard 110v outlet).  For larger events, we may need two 20-amp dedicated circuits depending on selected options.

What if my event is far away?  There is a small fee based on the distance to cover extra far travel costs.

How much space do you need?  Our cart is 25" x 98", so roughly an 8'x4' work space.

How long does it take you to set up and break down?  It depends.  For big production all-day events, we'd like to set up the day before; for everything else, we generally ask for 1 hour to set up and 30 minutes to pack up.

Do you have a minimum time limit?  Yes, we require a 2 hour minimum (excluding travel time)

Should I tip baristas?  Don't you hate the social pressure put on us by those tip stations before you pay?  WE DO TOO!  Paperboy will never try to guilt you or your guests to tip. Will there be a jar?  Maybe.  Paperboy Roasting was created to make delicious coffee available to everyone, guilt free.  Everyone in the company is fairly compensated and is not dependent on the generosity of our clients.

What kind of custom branding do you offer?  As an option, we can do branded bars or branded custom cups for your event (2-week turnaround).

I'm in!  Let's do this thing!  How much does everything cost?  Please contact us at and we can talk numbers.

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