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Morning Route - Filter Blend
  • Morning Route - Filter Blend

    Filter coffee (drip, pour-over, Aeropress, etc.) can provide a complex,  crisp and bright cup of coffee with little bitterness.  This blend maintains the delicacy and clarity that coffee lovers want out of a cup.  You can expect notes of honey and almond on the sip, blueberry and strawberry on the nose and an earthiness in the finish.  For a superb, balanced cup, you can't do much better than this!


    Roaster's notes: 

    P - I prefer to have this blend with a v60 using a single-pour technique, ground to about 800 microns.  I don't mind how fine the grounds are as I find that a finer grind (combined with a longer brew time) adds nice texture without sacrificing clarity.

    J - 18g in. 350g water at 200 degrees. Pure perfection.


    If you subscribe to multiple bags of coffee but would like to stagger your shipments, please get in touch with us!


    We will ship your order ASAP.  If your order is within 3 days of a roast date, we'll ship your order after the roast to ensure you get the freshest beans possible.

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