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Extra Extra! - Espresso Blend
  • Extra Extra! - Espresso Blend

    Developed specifically to blend the best parts of each of our single origins, but with a punch.  The Brazil adds a body of chocolate, then clothed in tobacco-y warmth and toasted marshmallow from the Sumatra, and topped off with the bright fruit and zest of the Ethiopian. This gives a smooth shot with warm crema and a fragrant nose. 


    Roaster's notes: 

    P - I love that this blend is great any way you want to brew it.  It's great as an espresso (1:3 ratio), balanced as a latte, sweet as an Americano, or delightful even if used as filter coffee.

    J - It's amazing to be able to craft the best parts of different single origin beans to make a perfect espresso. One gets you on the nose before you sip, then a mix to get the right notes of smoke and toffee and then another one to give rich crema! SO good!


    If you subscribe to multiple bags of coffee but would like to stagger your shipments, please get in touch with us!


    We will ship your order ASAP.  If your order is within 3 days of a roast date, we'll ship your order after the roast to ensure you get the freshest beans possible.

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