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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Single-origin
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Single-origin

    Harvested in some of the highest altitudes coffee grows in the world, the shortened growing season concentrates the flavors in a smaller than usual bean. This produces an amazing coffee bean that truly shows that coffee comes from a berry. A cup of coffee like no other.


    Tasting notes: Blueberry, ripe strawberry, chocolate syrup, with a sweet finish.


    Roaster notes:

    P - Lots of people seek out a Yirgacheffe for pour-over for good reason.  I enjoy pursuing clarity with this bean so my preferred method is to grind to 600 microns and then brew using a v60, LilyDrip, & Melodrip combo to get that berry explosion.

    J - Premium price FOR A REASON. It's like if a delicious spunky berry tea married a even-keeled yet strong coffee and had a beautiful little baby. Truly unique. Try it black first for sure.


    If you subscribe to multiple bags of coffee but would like to stagger your shipments, please get in touch with us!


    We will ship your order ASAP.  If your order is within 3 days of a roast date, we'll ship your order after the roast to ensure you get the freshest beans possible.

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