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Dosing Station
  • Dosing Station

    There's nothing worse than stale coffee.  But if you're a fan of espresso or filter coffee, this is the perfect product for you.  You can weigh and dose out an entire week's worth of your morning coffee with this 7 dose coffee station!  Each can hold up to 25g of coffee for your specific method of brewing.  Comes with free 12oz bag of speciality coffee from us!

    Each block is hand made from a single solid block of exotic and beautiful wood.  Options are constantly changing based on what can be acquired from a supplier that provides locally sourced, sustainable wood options.  So, check back as this listing will be updated regularly!


    Each block is finished with a food grade product that allows the feel of the natural wood to be retained while preserving and waterproofing the wood.  The tactile feel is amazing!  Combined with the glass tubes make this a show stopper piece to any coffee setup.

    The only option that has any kind of a surface color treatment is the Japanese shou sugi ban, or yakisugi, block.  This block of cedar has been treated with a traditional Japanese wood preservation method where it is charred and then sealed.  It creates an incredible darkening of the wood while accentuating the wood grain!  It's truly beautiful, you gotta see it to believe it.

    Set includes one solid wood base, 7 glass tubes (plus 1 spare) and a bag of coffee from Paperboy Roasting Company.



    Width: 25cm (9.8 inches)

    Height: 9cm (3.5 inches)

    Depth: 4cm (1.6 inches).
    Containers are 12cm (4.7 inches) /15cm high and 3cm (1-3/16 inches) wide.

    Care Instructions for wood base:
    Clean with damp cloth. Do not let sit in wet areas.

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