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Funny Pages - All-Purpose Blend

Funny Pages - All-Purpose Blend

This blend highlights flavor notes of sweet graham cracker, milk chocolate, and creamy pecans.  While our Extra Extra! is our extraction blend and our Morning Route is perfect for pourovers and drip machines, Funny Pages was designed for any brew method, it does it all.  Espresso? Check.  Coffee machine? Check.  Aeropress? Check.  Moka pot?  Well... just kidding, CHECK!  


So check this blend off your list of things to try and we're confident it'll become a new favorite.


Roaster's notes: 

P - This blend is just a fantastic toffee chocolate bomb.  On days where I need a quick zip of caffeine, an espresso shot fits the bill.  On days where I want to spend the time to make a pour-over, it works great for that too.  I'm personally just so surprised at how well this blend does with any sort of brew method.


J - We were looking for a profile that found a middle ground between the smokey toffee of our Extra! Extra! Blend and the soft and sweet subtleties of Morning Route. THIS IS IT! Sometimes if you hit it just right... It's all milk chocolate.


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