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Burundi Anaerobic Honey Fermentation Process - Single-origin
  • Burundi Anaerobic Honey Fermentation Process - Single-origin

    Are you ready for something extra special?

    Farmers from tiny plots on the side of the high mountain Ginku Hills have picked this coffee and carried them on FOOT to the processing station where they underwent a special Anaerobic Honey Fermentation process. "What does that even mean?" you might ask.


    Normally coffe is either dried with the fruit on or off, then packaged and sent off. This microlot has been hand-sorted for maximum ripeness.  Once the cherry has depulped, the fresh,  gooey parchment was packed into Afri-tanks, sealed, and left to ferment for 36-72 hours. After fermentation is complete the parchment is removed, washed clean and graded by density in long concrete channels, and finally moved to raised beds to dry in the sun, which typically takes 16-20 days.  The result is a syrupy enhancement to the body, and a slight transformation from stone fruit to tropical fruit flavors.


    When you take an already rare and special coffee cherry and combine it with this specialized process; the result is a truly incredible coffee.  Bursting in juicy flavors, you should expect notes of golden raisin, the syrupy sweetness of dates, the mellow zing of kumquat, and the creaminess of spiced walnuts.

    Limited quantity available.


    Roaster's notes

    P - In all honesty, I love using the Clever Dripper (immersion style brewer) to get everything I can out of this.  It's finer than I would for a v60 and I typically will pour the water in first and then add the grounds on top for a faster drawdown.  The resulting cup spreads out the flavors enough to enjoy each note from start to finish.  I think it's most enjoyable to start drinking when it's warm but save some for when the coffee hits room temp.  This allows you to enjoy the full range of flavor this bean  offers.  It's absolutely worth it!

    J - Wow. The complexity of this one takes you on a roller coaster ride! From the nose to the first taste to the back end and then as it cools, it goes from a spicy nuttiness to golden raisin and then as it cools the tart kumquat all take a turn. Definetely great on pourover or a drip, but if you're feeling a bit crazy, toss some beans in with a normal shot of Extra! Extra! and it adds a zing and a kick to your espresso.


    We will ship your order ASAP.  If your order is within 3 days of a roast date, we'll ship your order after the roast to ensure you get the freshest beans possible.

    • Weight

      6 oz (170g)

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